About Us/Philosophy


    Our philosophy of education.


    A child observing, exploring, discovering on their own.


    An uninterrupted flow of thought, creativity and activity.


    A spark, followed by pure joy.


    This is the Montessori moment.


The Montessori Philosophy

Our philosophy of education, founded by Dr. Maria Montessori, features a child at work on self-selected tasks of interest in a carefully prepared environment, with the teacher as a guide in the learning process.
The current success and broad presence of Montessori is based on a rich history. Dr. Montessori believed wholeheartedly that every child could be an agent for change and peace in the world. By nurturing the intellects and spirits of children, the Montessori method continues to positively affect our collective future.

We believe that the Montessori method is more than knowledge it is
“education for life”.

Our purpose is to provide an outstanding academic education and to assist each child in developing mentally, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically so that he/ she may become a responsible citizen in society.

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